4 Conditions Cause White Tongue

Healthy tongues are pink or pink, and are covered by nodules or small nodules called papillae. While the white tongue, can appear when the body lacks fluids or dry mouth, but can also be a sign of certain diseases. White tongue occurs because papillae on the surface of the tongue experience overgrowth and swelling. This white layer arises due to food debris, bacteria, and dead cells caught between the enlarged and inflamed papillae. Various Causes of White Tongue White tongue may look alarming, but usually harmless and temporary. However, white tongue can also be an indication of some serious conditions, ranging from infections to precancerous conditions. Here are some diseases of the tongue that make the tongue turn white: Leukoplakia Leukoplakia is a condition in which white patches occur in the mouth, including on the tongue. This white spot may be due to too many cells and keratin proteins in the mouth. Although it does not hurt, the white spots can not be removed by br
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